Well you must have always thought of having a holiday at beach locations. For that, beach resorts are perfect, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach location, peaceful sound of water and pleasant weather. But, have you ever thought of a camping at beach? No, then back your bags for Rishikesh, because Rishikesh offers you the best beach camping in India. Camping at Beach is a very different idea for holidaying moving apart from the usual holiday plans. Because generally we imagine relaxing at beaches, having coconut waters, amazing crushers, have nice bath and swim on beach water. But a beach camping at Rishikesh is very different from the usual camps. Beach camping at Rishikesh is a great idea to try something different. Details of Beach camping at Rishikesh: The camping includes stay facility in tents and the tents are enhanced with beautiful facilities making you feel like home. The beach camping at Rishikesh have also included adventurous activities like Body surfing[1], cliff jumping, beach volleyball, Badminton[2] etc.

In Body surfing one has to float on the surface of incoming waves of the sea and that too without using a surfing board. Isn’t it exciting!! Whereas in Cliff jumping[3] one has to jump off the cliff and it is also considered to be as a part of coastal exploration. Those who have water phobia, get ready for it and believe it, you will love it. In Beach volleyball, one has to play in two teams and the game is played on sand. How can one miss not to get covered by sand when beach camping at Rishikesh? It is like your camp is incomplete if you aren’t rolling on sand, falling on it, especially while saving the ball in the sport. The beach camping , needless to say, also include the very famous adventurous sport of Rishikesh, i.e. River rafting. You can enjoy the popular rapids during river rafting at the beach camp. The rapids are three blind mice[3], Crossfire, Bodysurfing, Roller Coaster, Double Trouble, Hilton etc. The most enjoyable time for river rafting is from September to May month. The other activities to be included in beach camping are trekking at waterfall, rock climbing and rapelling. In Trekking, the most popular in Himalayas, as it is majorly walking on the hills.Rishikesh has it all and it is wonderful when you have the beach and the hills both together for your holidays. While if the trekking is organized near water falls, one would feel as their holidays were worth and it is a blend of enjoying nature along with adventures. In Rock climbing, one needs to cling on the large and majestic rocks to reach to a common endpoint generally at the top of the rock. Rock climbing is an activity which requires ample safety measures, but don’t worry about it, Rishikesh camps are very safe considering every dangerous aspect during the activitiy. It also requires the full body strength to climb the hard rock of course with the help of safety gears and ropes.

In Rapelling, generally better known internationally, has its own style in Rishikesh with its own ingredients. While rock climbing requires much strength to go up the rock, rapelling requires that much control on the body while coming down from the rock. For this one must be physically fit and also need the stamina to control your body. However it is a challenging task for the ones who are busy in desk work jobs and need a very good change to loosen up their minds and body. Imagine how wonderful it may feel when there is bonfire at camps during night near the beach, it would be like a perfect memory during beach camping at Rishikesh.

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[2] Badminton:
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