As everyone knows, when it comes to rafting there is no better place than Rishikesh. How exciting can be camping in Rishikesh, the place which is located at the lap of nature..!!
What is camping in Rishikesh all about?
The 1st and the foremost requirement of camping are to have an experience of living in tent. Yes a tent..!! Which is not build up of concrete walls and woods, but it is made from thick cloth, tied in a hut shape. It is certainly an unusual experience in a lifetime, where we move out of our comfort zone and explore our own inner strengths. Feeling a sense of confidence from the start of camping in Rishikesh, is guaranteed.

Whats next..??
Yes, it’s a jungle trek near water falls[1], especially near Neerghar waterfall. The good thing of taking a camping package in Rishikesh is after all such exercises and tedious trek; lunch is ready at the camps. What can be more exciting than to fill up tummies and again get charged for the next activity while camping in Rishikesh.

Are you charged for adventures?
If yes, then one can start with light sports like Rock climbing[2] and rappelling[3]; meanwhile exploring the flora and fauna of the city. One advantage of camping in Rishikesh is one can make like-minded friends and they can also spend quality time by playing games generally organized by the tour managers. Another exciting part about camping is bonfire at night, no wonder anyone would like to miss that in the chilly cold weather at Rishikesh..!!

The thrill starts at night when the cold waves of wind clash with the tents making heavy sounds of the cloth. Camping at the raft sight is worth a watch as one can enjoy rafting in the river with small and big rapids. The add-ons with the river rafting which can be included in the adventure list are body surfing and Cliff jumping. And yes, after the heavy long rafting, one can again have leisure time at the camp area again with the camp friends; sharing each other’s experiences, overcoming the fear and encountering the thrills, feeling confidence in oneself and a sense of victory when one survives and avoid oneself from falling into the water when their raft turns into 90° angle and one holds the paddle firmly moving their raft ahead to reach to its destination..!!

Photography lovers... what are you waiting for..??
Camping in Rishikesh is not just about adventures, pilgrim visit or visiting a tourist location. It is a wholesome package for photography lovers who are always in quest of the best click, be it an expression, a landscape, a portrait, an abstract, anything which symbolises, reminds or just for having a pure memory of an experience. So, pick up your best camera, set the finest angle and click as much as you can, each and every moment of the camping experience. Crazy nature lovers cannot miss the opportunity to capture changing colours of sky, the joy of people overcoming rapids, the strength in climbing a rock, the expression when one jumps from a cliff while bungee jumping, the expression of putting strength while moving a boat, the glow on faces after feeling the pure air or simply capturing people enjoying scenic beauty, people praying to God at the temples, expression of peace when one takes a holy dip in the river Ganga. Camping in Rishikesh will make one find his true self, will find they can do much more than they thought, will feel a strange happiness which even a salary raise cannot bring to one’s face ..!!

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[2]Rock Climbing: