One of the most popular adventure sports that are loved by people all over the world is Paragliding. The reason for the popularity of this adventure activity sport is the feeling of flying that it gives to the glider. The flyer is tied securely to a harness straddle below the main wing made from fabric. The glider aircraft does not have any fixed or rigid structure and needs to be launched on foot. Being superbly lightweight and having fiber wings[1], the glider can smoothly fly in the air with a pilot in the harness. The harness is connected to the wings by lines crisscrossing the structure. Even without using any kinds of engines, paragliding can take a flyer up to an altitude of several thousand meters and it is possible that the flight would last for several hours as well.

By flying in such a glider a flyer can cover several hundreds kilometers easily too. But usually as a adventure activity sport, paragliding lasts for some minutes while flying at a certain height and would take you along a little distance. Usually gliding as an adventure activity sport would have an expert guide to help the flyer in flying smoothly without any risks of accidents. paragliding as an adventure activity sport is becoming exceedingly popular in India as well. There are many places in India that offers this superbly exhilarating adventure sport. But the feeling of flying amongst mountains, valleys and flowing rivers is something different. This refreshing flying sensation can be experienced if you paraglide in Uttarakhand, a north Indian state that is a great place fro trying various kinds of adventure activity sports. Since experts guide and help through the process, it is completely safe to paraglide here. To paraglide is to literally fly like birds in the sky.

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