Rishikesh is known for its spirituality and also for its white river rafting sports. If you are planning for a first ever rafting trip to Rishikesh, you need to be aware of certain things about the tour so that your trip is full of fun and happiness and you are safe and secured. Here are some quick tips that you can follow while opting for a Rishikesh water rafting program: Rishikesh water rafting is best enjoyed when you are sitting down on the boat. You need not be strikingly fit with your body, but you must have strong arms and shoulders so that you can raft against the tide in the Ganges. The main season for Rishikesh white river rafting is during the summers and the main rafting gear includes life jackets[1], wet suit[2], tennis shoes, nylon shorts and hats. If you are rafting at any other season, you need to include some other additional gears too.

You need to also carry a dry bag with you in which you should ideally carry some personal items in case you need them during the rafting program. However, it is recommended that you should not carry mobile phones, wallets and keys with you on the Rishikesh water rafting expedition. It is needless to say that you need to carry with you the pair of sunglasses and wear your sunscreen while on the expedition of water rafting. If you are interested in keeping your memories clicked, you can also carry with you a water resistant camera. You will also require cargo nets, patch kits and pumps which will be provided to you by the expedition guide. Some of the medications that you must carry with you while on a water rafting expedition include inhalers, insulin in case you are diabetic, mosquito repellent etc. It is advisable that you choose a multiple day trip to enjoy the water rafting to its fullest.

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[2]wet Suit: