Heal the world, its suffering. Our environment is in the pit and it is up to us to pick it up from the waste for our future generations. We can do it with an enhanced effort, without being an environmental expert. All we need is to be aware of our surroundings and play a responsible part in keeping the environment clean and healthy for tomorrow’s generation. You can do your own small things too in saving the environment in your own little yet significant manner. We all know how to keep the society and the environment clean. But not all of us are serious about really making an effort to keep the area and the overall society clean. You can certainly start being serious at least. Stop littering your society and the nearby area. Keep a bin and always throw the garbage into the bin. Use biodegradable products[1] and recycle them as often as you can. Plastics can be very harmful for the environment as they are non biodegradable. Stop using plastics. For carrying products from one place to another, switch to paper carry bags or still better jute bags[1]. Jute can be sturdy and durable and they can be recycled too.

[1] Biodegradable Products:
[1] Jute bags: