Flying fox is an adventure sport that is especially enjoyed by kids. It is a very safe adventure sport where a cord is connected between two spots with one end of the cord tied at a higher spot than the other one. Then with the help of a support like a handle or a straddle a person can slide along the cord from one point to another. The structure is pretty simple and can be made easily, especially if it is being made for kids. But there are elaborate constructions as well that are built for the entertainment of adults with strong bases attached to a pulley system for pulling the cord back and forth. The adventure sport of Flying fox is so named since it feels like flying from one point to another. Usually the mechanism of flying fox works with the help of gravity without the need for any kinds of mechanical or electrical support.

This safe adventure sport is becoming increasingly popular in India due to the adrenaline rush it provides without any kinds of risks whatsoever. There are many places in India where travelers can enjoy this sport. One such place is Uttarakhand, a state that is the place of choice for many adventure sport[1] enthusiasts from all over the country. The mechanism of flying fox is used in many places for carrying things across ridges or wide rivers. Due to the way the object moves from one end of the cord to another, this adventure sport is also known as zip wire or zip line as well. Once the object, travels from one end of the cable to another it needs to be pulled to the first point again and this can be done in several ways, through a pulley system or by pushing manually.

[1] Adventure Sport:

Only 1 Day Bungee Jump Acrivities Rate List


BUNGY Rs. 3500.00/- per person
SWING Rs. 3000.00/- per person

Rs. 1700.00/- per person

Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost Rs. 3000/- per person


Rs. 2500/- + E.Tax = Rs. 4000 per person (Bungy/Swing)

Rs. 1500/- + E.Tax = Rs 1700 (Flying Fox)


Bungy+Swing Rs. 6000/- per person
Bungy+Flying Fox Rs. 4500/- per person
Swing+Flying Fox Rs. 4200/- per person
All 3 Jumps
(Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox)
Rs.7000/- per person