Every year, during the winter season, India welcomes a lot of tourists from all over the world. The tourists visit India in order to participate in different winter sports that are arranged in the country. For instance, mountain biking snow skiing are two such winter adventure sports that have gained immense popularity among the domestic and the foreign travelers in India. Both the mountain biking snow skiing are grabbing attention of the world. Places in India like Auli, Gulmarg etc have huge open spaces which are ideal for mountain biking snow skiing. Some other excellent mountain biking snow skiing destinations in India that are equally popular with the visiting tourists include the hills of Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh and also the North Eastern states of India which are also snow laden in the winter season. The altitude of the skiing destination along with the surrounding scenery and the powdered snow makes for a tempting and engaging mountain biking snow skiing adventure program for the avid mountaineer and experienced skier since the location is just ideal for the overall excitement and the thrill of the adventure game.

India has great prospects in mountain biking snow skiing tourism and thus is developing some amazingski resorts with all the modern amenities in the above mentioned locations, making it easier for the adventure enthusiasts to explore the country and its magical beauty along with enjoying the thrills of the adventures like mountain biking[1], snow skiing[2], river rafting etc. Come visit India on an adventure of a life time. Get the thrills and cherish the moments of life. Get ready with your skis and zoom into the snowy slope. It is assured that it would take you an entire lifetime to ski each of the locations in India before you plan for your second skiing adventure in the same location again.

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