Today’s youth are confined into four walls playing Xbox, Play station and turning into potato couches. Paintball activity can revive energy among these hot blood generation by experiencing the chills and thrills of the game. As Rishikesh is known for as anadventure hub[1] of India, why to miss the game like paintball in Rishikesh…!!!
What is paintball?
Paintball game came into India in 2006. It is the combination of capturing the fame of flag with chess, hide and seek. This game is very fast with lots of thrills. The players shoot balls of paint to get goal. The main motto of the game is to survive in the game as long as possible, but as well as to avoid being hit by the ball. Anyone who has quick thinking, who reacts swiftly, can play the game, with an aim to hit the ball. The most exhilarating part of the game is the equipment, i.e. markers, masks, colour balls. The game encourages team work and the effective way of stress buster[2]. We need to avoid being hit in the game, however, even if we got hit, it is very much safe, so not to worry..!!

What is the game doing to us..??
The game gives us thrill of the aim, its swift action, blood pumping in our bodies of course due to its speed, which makes our heart skip a beat. Paintball game is very safe as it is made up of water soluble mineral oil. The game is generally played on sporting grounds and it is also said to be used by military forces as a part of training to handle crisis situations like controlling riot or also controlling people in non-lethal manner. Rishikesh has all the things required to play the game of Paintball.
The 1st and the foremost thing is a team:
Even if one is travelling with a group or individually, a team or a group can be easily made in Rishikesh during camping, rafting and during other activities. We live in a corporate era with competitiveness in our mind constantly to win, to excel, to grow. But corporate world also compels to work in a team. Paintball in Rishikesh is an activity which helps to boost oneself, teach them how to work as a team, how to win as a team, keeping aside individual interest. In Paintball activity, a team has to shoot the aim, collectively and coordinate which each other to reach to a common goal that is to acquire the equipment, or any other object hidden in the playground. With the team, an individual can reach to the goal, working unanimously, will require more effort to get the goal.

The second thing required to play the game is guts:
The paintball activity requires immense courage to play the game. Even if one is aware that the balls are safe and we are not going to get injuries from the ball if we are hit, one requires the courage as we may back out even with the thought that the one may fall, may have to avoid being targeted. The courage is attained by building it collectively with the team. One may fall apart, but together we may stand strong. While the nature’s spirit and energetic sound of river at Rishikesh> can be add-on to the game’s experience. The main aim in the game is to capture the flag or any other object which is placed in the playing area or also hidden in the ground. And whats more interesting part of the game is that the game can last from minutes to hours, it has no time limits..!! So enjoy as much as you want.

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[1] Stress Buster:


(1) Paintball activity in the ground and guest will get different -2 task to play
50 Paintballs 550/-  
100 Paintballs 850/-  
Extra Paintballs Cost 10 per Ball (Minimum 25 Paintballs will be taken)